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Members: Fill out the form below before any event in which you choose to participate. Please register as soon as possible help the event chairperson plan for the event.

Please refer to Member Resources for all guidelines, requirements, or general instructions on how to prepare.

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Email photos of the pieces you intend to show to the event chair (if it applies to this show)
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I agree that I will not hold HAAA or the venue responsible for theft or damage to my property that I bring for the event and/or cancellation of the show for any reason *
I will follow the HAAA Policies and Guidelines for the event *
Please go to member resources page for info
I confirm I am a member in good standing, dues current, and I am responsible for my sales *
I have a valid PA Sales Tax License (If no, and you intend to sell art, you will need a license prior to the event) *
Please check General Information and Policies on the HAAA website for help to acquire a license
I agree to remit 20% of sales for this art show to HAAA. Proceeds benefit the HAAA scholarship fund *
(May not apply to all shows. Please check event description)
I will print and use the art show tags found in member resources. (If you need assistance with this, contact art show chair) *
Please go to member resources page for info
I will assist with assembly and tear down of the show, unless otherwise noted *
At the discretion of the event chairperson
I agree that images from the art show, including my art or myself, may be used by HAAA and/or cosponsor(s) in promotional materials, including print, website, and social media *
I understand that I may be required to be present for a portion of, or the entire event *
At the discretion of the event chairperson or venue